History and Architecture

Charlottetown was named for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. During the period 1768-1771 a street grid and public squares were surveyed into five sets of 100 lots. The Charlotte's Rose Inn Boutique Hotel is located on one of the original 500 lots - Lot 19, of the 3rd. 100. When walking in Charlottetown you can clearly see the well-defined and unique layout grid that is nearly 250 years old.

The house was built in 1884 by prominent builder William H. Fraser, builder of the Charlottetown City Hall, in a combination of the Romanseque Revival/Second Empire Mansard style of France. The single fronted 3 story style has a mansard roof with protruding third floor windows. Prominent bay windows grace the front rooms on the first and second floor.

Originally built as a single family home, title was held in trust for a married lady - Mrs Mary Jane Moore. In 1884, if the property had been in her name it would be by default have become the property of her husband. Just around the corner on Rochford Street another house was already built on the same large lot (Lot 19 - 3rd. 100) to an initially similar design and we assume the original first owners of our house told the builders they would like one 'just like that one please'. Another branch of the same family built the house next door (#15 - on the corner) just one year later - though in a totally different style. The family left the corner house in the early 1900's and moved west, out to Alberta, where they still live.

For more information on the Charlotte's Rose Inn and other heritage houses and sites on the island go to www.peimuseum.com.